Data Analysis

Adcanopus Expert Data Analysis For Business Insights and future progress

Data is at the core of business growth. Adcanopus, with its acclaimed expertise in data analysis helps enterprises derive business intelligence and insights with in-depth analytics and reports. Our team undertakes qualitative and quantitative data analysis based on your goals. Our reports help you to take better business decisions that will give you a competitive edge. We are thorough and deliver results that will surprise you. We follow a defined path modeled to suit desired outcomes.

  • Our experts analyze your business
  • We gather data & verify its quality
  • Our team cleans data & integrates it
  • Intensive analytics using specific software

Adcanopus Cloud Application Development Takes Operability to Higher Levels

There are inherent advantages to cloud deployment over in-premise applications. Adcanopus cloud application development services cover wide-ranging applications such as email, document processing, data, software, financials and CRM. Our experts develop apps specifically for the cloud platform and integrate APIs for easy operability with tightest security integration. Our cloud application development improves data sharing and data security with built-in redundancy. You have the flexibility of any-time anywhere access plus on-premise use as well. We provide total support by way of development, testing, deployment and upgrades on an ongoing basis.

  • Cloud based CRM, financial, accounting & communication packages
  • Software as a service development
  • Cloud infrastructure support for middleware applications
  • Secure data with our redundant servers and storage.
Application Development

Adcanopus Application Development Services

Adcanopus is your trusted source for custom application development to suit any industry type or specific purpose. From on-premise to cloud, we can come up with enterprise grade or compact and purposed applications that will speed up operations, enhance user experience and contribute to a company’s growth. As a total outsourced software application development company, Adcanopus team of developers conceives a project, architect it and follow agile implementation.

  • Modular agile development with inbuilt flexibility for change
  • Off-shored application development for third party service providers
  • Acclaimed expertise in any platform, PHP/Familer Frameworks, MySQL, Nodejs/MongoDb, Angular Js
  • Android/IOS Development, Native Apps
  • Availability of developers

Adcanopus UI/UX Design and Development Enhances Your Product’s Appeal and Look

Any IT product will be used by human beings. Even the best software fails to be accepted by users simply because it is not designed to conform to the way humans think and act. Adcanopus steps in and offers its UI/UX development services while you focus on core programming. The UX or user experience part provides inputs that lead to increased usability and ease of use. User Interface or UI addresses the visual graphical interface that lets a user interact with the system. Adcanopus vital UI/UX design is comprehensive.

  • In-depth customer analysis, design research & graphic development for UI
  • Logical and intuitive structure development
  • Wire-framing, prototyping, iterative testing and development
  • Execution, coordination with developer, tracking and finalizing

Adcanopus Agile Development For Rapid Development and Deployment

Adcanopus is staunchly committed to offering agile development for rapid Development and Deployment. Our team has the experience and expertise to work in a collaborative atmosphere using agile and scrum over waterfall methods. We believe agile methodology leads to discipline in teams and better quality in our development that ultimately benefits our clients. By opting for a collaborative atmosphere through agile we build better interactive relationships with clients and avoid long cycles.

  • Total collaboration
  • Agile and flexible implementation
  • Flexibility to change and adapt as we go along
  • Ease of tracking daily progress & product deployment
  • Acclaimed expertise in Automated software testing, Apache Jmeter and Mantis

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