With such benefits that place you well above the rest, who wouldn’t make a smart choice?


Adcanopus has worked itself up the curve to become a trusted partner for thousands of publishers today. Their choice is well placed and well received with utmost professionalism. We offer our publishing partners’ competitive rates that help them achieve their primary target, a well paying website. Followed by high conversion rates, timely payments and an opportunity to attain a global reach where visitors flock in, bringing your business thousands of monetized impressions, per day.

We indulge in a daily practice of strategizing to get campaigns to an optimum turnover level. We call this practice “Hi-Yield”

“Hi-Yield” exists as a daily practice in our agency because we pride ourselves as a company that understands the needs of its publishers perfectly. This being one of the reasons why our publishing partners give us their undulating belief for their networking requirements.

Key advantages enjoyed by our publisher partners.

Timely Payment Schedule

It is because we pay our publishing partners on time that they choose us over other networks. Other players may alter your payment schedule, we don’t.

Multiple Payment Options

Publishers have the opportunity to avail whichever payment module they find feasible. With multiple payment options, receiving payment becomes flexible and easy.

Quality Assured Display Ad Campaigns

The campaigns we put out for publication are subject to strict quality control taking a Publisher’s audience spectrum into account. Your reputation is always our primary concern.

Use Of Latest Technology

Our innovative in-house user interface keeps a constant tab on how well a campaign is being received on a publisher’s portal. This helps us keep your need for traffic as a working concern.

24X7 Free Consultation

We are here to hear you out. All you need to do is let us know about the problems you are facing, how fast would you like it fixed and how soon do you want “Hi-Yield” to be a part of your life.