Email Marketing

Email Marketing for the most effective marketing of products

The emails we deliver are clear and compelling. When published, they are sure to increase the volume of clicks and opens as they target users of different age group, regions, interests etc. With the help of our Responsive Emails, Personalized Communication and Permission Based Marketing, we have so far created 1500+ campaigns and generated over 1.5 million web leads.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Marketing for brand awareness & product information

The Mobile Advertising ads we choose reach maximum number of smartphone users across the globe. So far, the products we have worked on have led to a whopping 10 million + Mobile App Installs, and counting! You are sure to enjoy the ROI. Our unique targeting strategy comprises Geo, OS and Version, Category, Carrier, Desktop/Mobile and Browser.

Our Campaign Modes

  • Cost Per Install (CPI)
  • Cost Per Mille (CPM)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Visit (CPV)
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Marketing for High ROI + Unlimited market potential

Keep your customers updated about your products through our SMS Marketing Services. The short and innovative SMS tell your customers about your product or service wherever they travel. Avail Adcanopus Bulk SMS services to introduce your products to more customers. SMS marketing for your products and awesome ROI for you.

  • Transactional and Promotional SMS
  • Missed Call
  • IVR – Interactive Voice Response
  • Short/long code as call to action
  • Bitly/text links as call to action
  • OBD – Outbound Dialer Service
  • Direct connectivity with top operators
  • International Messaging Solutions
  • Supports Unicode Messages
Video Advertising

Video Advertising for wider brand exposure & conversions

Since we know that video ads play an important role in explaining a product effectively, the Video Advertisements we take from the advertisers introduce a product to both existing and prospective customers more efficiently. Customers would like to watch the videos frequently to know more about and buy the featured products. We publish videos which are clear, short and relevant with a guarantee of good amount of views and ROI in return.

How do we do it?

  • Instream – Pre-roll, Mid-roll and Post-roll videos
  • Rewarded Ads
  • Video Tag
  • In-banner
Display Advertising

Display Advertising for high visibility

Since informing the customers about products is our top priority, we choose Display Ads that are informative and interesting. We publish only those display ads that have the potential to help a user recall a brand without much trouble. Thus, excellent lead generation and conversions are a possibility because of our distinctive targeting efficiency.

Our Display Ads come in various forms and they are as follows,

Programmatic Media Buying

  • Innovations
  • Banner
  • Native ads
  • Pop-up


  • Geo
  • OS and version
  • Category
  • Carrier
  • Desktop/Mobile
  • Browser

Our own Ad Inventory to double your product visibility

Social Media

Social Media Marketing for effective Branding, Conversion and Lead Generation

Our Key drivers for Social Media platform:

  • Public Relations Management
  • Paid Promotion for Likes and Visits
  • Page Management
  • Audience Engagement

Since Social Media is the highly used forum to talk about any product, we invest time carefully in managing public relations which are crucial for fetching Likes and Shares. Further, our page management and audience engagement will take care of the rest.That is why we have 95% client retention rate!